John's Ravioli- Our story

New York's best home-style, freshly frozen stuffed ravioli and pasta

A Commitment to Quality...

In 1959 Louis and Maria Reggio started John's Market in Corona Queens after a few years working at the market they decided to sell the business to their son in law and daughter Henry and Rita Guarnero.

When Henry and Rita Guarnero were operating John's Market in Corona, Queens they had two goals. Their first goal to create a strong and lasting business for future generations to benefit from, second but equally as important was to bring a taste of fine Italian cuisine, using only the best ingredients, from their home in Northern Italy to every plate in America.

With Henry’s superior sales skills, Rita’s keen business acumen and a lot of hard work John’s Market began to flourish but the focus of the business changed from sandwiches and prepared foods to Ravioli and other Italian pastas. First serving locals and restaurants in the surrounding area the business quickly grew to encompass parts of Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, and Long Island.

The Guarnero’s knew that people appreciated the quality ingredients and only wanted to feed their families the best pasta they could find. John’s Ravioli quickly outgrew the small Corona Queens storefront, and moved to larger facilities on Steinway Street in Astoria Queens. As the business grew the Guarnero family did too, and pretty soon it would take a family to build John’s Ravioli to what it is today.

The business became a family affair with Henry and Rita’s three children Robert, Lawrence, and Carol Guarnero working at John’s Ravioli on weekends, and after school. With the whole family dedicated to the business and a loyal customer base the business had to make its third move to Drake Avenue in New Rochelle, NY and has not moved for 35 years. It is from the New Rochelle location that John’s Ravioli exports its pastas to Arizona, Canada, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina.After many years of owning and operating John’s Ravioli, bringing it from a small storefront sandwich shop to a successful ravioli manufacturer. Robert Guarnero, Rita and Henry's son, took over the family business.

Robert, and his wife Toni, work exceptionally hard to keep on building John’s Ravioli while keeping our promise to our faithful customers. Robert along with Toni, children, and employees continues to build on the solid foundation of a business that was given to him by his parents, and to instill those same values that his parents taught him on his children Matthew, Zachary, and Samantha.John’s Ravioli is open to the public and anyone can stop by the storefront for any of our delicious products 5 days a week (M-F) from 6 AM to 5 PM. If you happen to have any questions please visit our Contact Us page.